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Stowarzyszenie Profilatyki Zdrowotnej “Jeden Świat” (eng. Association for Preventive Healthcare “One World”) has been operating in the Lesser Poland voivodeship, that is Małopolska, since the 1990s. Initially known as “Jest Jeden Świat” [There is one world], it collaborated closely with the drug addicts therapy center run by the MONAR Association and later with Krakowskie Towarzystwo Pomocy Uzależnionym [Krakow society for assistance to addicts]. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, members and volunteers of the “One World” Association managed the Krakow HIV/AIDS Helpline, providing counselling for individuals living with HIV and their families, facilitating support groups, volunteering at the Acquired Immunodeficiency Ward in Krakow, and organizing public collections to offer social support for those without sources of income.

In 2007, the Association underwent a transformation and became Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Osób Żyjących z HIV, Chorych na AIDS i Ich Bliskich „Jeden Świat” [Association for people living with HIV and AIDS, and their relatives one world] with a slight modification to its structure.

Until 2009, the Association had maintained close collaboration with Krakowskie Towarzystwo Pomocy Uzależnionym. During this period, it conducted support groups, provided volunteer assistance at the Acquired Immunodeficiency Ward, offered language classes in English and German for the wards, extended social support, and provided training for various social and professional groups. Since 2009, the Association has been organizing events related to World AIDS Day and Candlelight Memorial in collaboration with IFMSA-Poland. These events include training sessions, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and more.

In 2013, the Association underwent a name change to become Stowarzyszenie Profilaktyki i Wsparcia w zakresie HIV/AIDS “Jeden Świat” [One world HIV/AIDS prevention and support association], highlighting the organization’s dual focus on prevention and support. Operating under this name, the Association continued its activities until mid-2019.

Today, as Stowarzyszenie Profilakyki Zdrowotnej “Jeden Świat”, we are dedicated to addressing four key areas:

  1. Supporting Individuals Living with HIV: This involves facilitating support groups, providing psycho-educational classes, mediating healthcare contacts, and offering crisis intervention. Additionally, the Association endeavours to advocate for the reform of laws that criminalize infection exposure and actively intervenes in cases involving discriminatory or stigmatizing media reports.
  2. Preventive Activities for Various Social Groups: The Association engages in preventive initiatives targeting diverse social groups. Educational activities such as training courses and workshops are primarily designed for individuals in helping professions.
  3. Research Initiatives: The Association is particularly invested in examining how media and HIV prevention messages shape perceptions of reality. Furthermore, ongoing research efforts are dedicated to the development of effective HIV prevention programs.
  4. Anonymous and Free-of-Charge HIV Testing: The Association manages Diagnostic and Consultation Centers located in Cracow and Rzeszów. Additionally, it organizes rapid testing events for HIV, HCV, and syphilis in the southern regions of Poland. These initiatives are complemented by professional sexual health counselling services.

The activities are conducted on a voluntary basis, primarily within the Małopolska region. Individuals living with HIV play a crucial role in the volunteer team, actively influencing the Association’s direction.